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Oklahoma Restaurant Promise

About Our Promise

The ORA is proud to announce its Oklahoma Restaurant Promise (ORP) campaign. The objective of the ORP is to help restaurants instill confidence with customers as they choose to return to dine-in service at Oklahoma restaurants. The Promise communicates your restaurant's pledge for the safety of your staff and customers, by each following the Promises. To participate in the campaign, please read the six Oklahoma Restaurant Promise assurances to customers, and if you would like to participate, print the document below and display it at your restaurant entrances to demonstrate to your customers the precautions you are taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

More About the Oklahoma Restaurant Promise



What is the Oklahoma Restaurant Promise? 
In partnership with the Oklahoma Restaurant Association and State health officials, restaurant owners and operators make the commitments above to instill confidence and ensure the safety of our customers during the COVID-19 recovery period. When customers see this endorsement, they can be certain that the restaurant is taking all necessary steps to protect their employees and customers and is committed to playing a leadership role in protecting our communities. 

Who can participate in the Oklahoma Restaurant Promise? 
Any foodservice establishment that is reopening its dining room and other full-service areas. 

How long will this Promise last? 
Although foodservice operations should always practice high levels of safety and sanitation, Oklahoma's Restaurant Promise will last throughout the duration of the COVID-19 recovery efforts and Oklahoma's Bounce Back Plan announced by the Governor. Over time, these efforts should help customers regain trust and comfort when dining in restaurants. 

How do restaurants participate in the Oklahoma Restaurant Promise? 
Restaurants should agree to the commitments to protect their employees and customers as outlined on the Oklahoma Restaurant poster.

How should participating restaurants communicate the commitments of the Oklahoma Restaurant Promise? 
It’s vital that restaurants communicate the commitments directly to their staff and monitor compliance. Restaurants should also take steps to communicate their enrollment in the Oklahoma Restaurant Promise by posting the program marketing poster at entrances, and if the restaurant uses a website or social media, through those channels as well. 

Customer Responsibilities & Options 

Why are customers included within the Oklahoma Restaurant Promise? 
Customers are included because we all have a responsibility to follow public health authority guidance to prevent the spread of COVID-19. By partnering together, we can keep everyone safe. 

What commitments does the Oklahoma Restaurant Promise ask customers to make to restaurants? 
As noted in the Oklahoma Restaurant Promise, customers are asked to help restaurants protect employees and other customers by following the promises as outlined on the Oklahoma Restaurant poster.

What can restaurants do to help customers meet these obligations? 
Restaurants are encouraged to maximize the use of online ordering, curbside, and delivery options and advertise those options to potential customers. Publicizing information about the Oklahoma Restaurant Promise should also increase customers’ compliance. 




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